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Our eyes are what people notice more than any other feature.   An oculoplastic surgeon has a full appreciation of the anatomic complexity of the eyelids, and uses microsurgical skills to restore both function and appearance.

Sometimes these same skills are called upon to make a change in the appearance of the eyelids, such as when the “double eyelid” is created in the Asian eyelid.

At Burien Medical Eye Care, all eyelid surgeries are performed in the convenience and safety of our office; where we are able to control every aspect of the quality of our services to you.  This includes easy scheduling Monday through Friday.

Most of our procedures are accepted by your medical insurance as “medically necessary”.  When required, we obtain prior authorization from your health insurance company after your consultation visit.

We take pride in the very rapid recovery enjoyed by our clients, as well as the very natural resulting appearance that you can expect to enjoy.  Our clients typically enjoy a recovery time that is less than half as long as other clinics which offer these same services.

When our services are outside the scope of your medical insurance, you will find our fees are very competitive.  We pass along to you the tremendous savings that result from office based procedures.


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